Family Matters Recording Description

Title: Enhancing Your Voice at the IEP Table: Using Language from a Recent Supreme Court Decision
Category: Special Education and IEPs
Presenter(s): Patty Hooper
Date: 08/22/2018

Complete Description

IEP meetings are stressful for most parents. It is hard to know what questions to ask, what language to use to get your concerns across. This webinar will highlight a recent Supreme Court case (Endrew F.) and how it can assist you in your IEP meetings. Learn about what the Supreme Court said about the following things a school must do:

• Provide services and supports in the IEP must help your child meet grade-level standard
• Ensure the IEP must be “reasonably calculated” to help your child make progress
• Include behavioral supports if your child needs them in order to learn
• And much more…..