Family Matters Recording Description

Title: Parents Working Collaboratively with School Teachers and Administrators
Category: Special Education and IEPs
Presenter(s): Emily de Schweinitz Taylor
Date: 06/12/2018

Complete Description

Participants will learn:
-What creates conflict at IEP and 504 meetings.
-What communication skills could help solve problems
between parents and school staff.
-How to focus on 'interests' rather than 'positions'.
-Why back up plans are needed.

Our presenter is Emily de Schweinitz Taylor. She is a certified mediator, conflict coach, communications trainer, and mother of five growing children. She holds master's degrees from the Univerisity of Chicago in international policy. Emily is passionate about building bridges between cultures, learning new communication styles, and finding peace in everyday life using parent-led mediation principles. She is the author of "raising Mediators-How Smart Parents Use Mediation to Transform Sibling Conflict and Empower Their Children.