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Title: IEP, LRE, RN, IHP: Which of These Is Missing From Your School Meetings?
Category: Special Education and IEPs
Presenter(s): Jessica Gerdes
Date: 03/20/2018

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Listen as Jessica Gerdes, RN, from the Illinois State Board of Education, discusses the role of the Registered Nurse in meeting your child's special education needs.

Jessica Gerdes is a Registered Nurse and serves as one of the two nurse consultants on school issues with the Illinois State Board of Education. She has been a state school nurse consultant for 11 years, 6 with ISBE and 5 with North Carolina. She holds bachelor and master’s degrees in nursing, with a public health and school nurse concentration in her master’s. At ISBE, she has worked in the Division of Specialized Instruction, Division of Nutrition and Wellness, and most recently, the Division of Regulatory Support and Wellness. In each of those work areas, she has provided support to school nurses, administrators, parents and in some cases, the students themselves, to create an environment where all students, regardless of abilities, are protected by a safe and healthy learning environment. She advocates for parent involvement in all aspects of their children’s education 
and health, and works to empower nurses to protect their student patients’ rights for quality care by qualified professionals.