Future Thinkers: A New View of Executive Function Skills

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Future Thinkers: A New View of Executive Function Skills

Gain a new understanding on how students demonstrate executive function skills and a new perspective on what is meant by the term “executive dysfunction”. Whether this is your first or your fifth time hearing Sarah Ward you will learn something new or reaffirm your understanding of the core features of the 360 Thinking Executive Function Curriculum to develop Independent Executive Function Skills. The Award Winning 360 Thinking Program combines concepts that are at the core of EF: situational and intention awareness, mental dress rehearsals, future thinking, time awareness and visualization, which promote efficient and accurate completion of tasks. Our model facilitates the development of 6 key skills for students: initiation, transition, planning, time management, self-regulation and meta-cognition. As the steps of a task are envisioned, potential obstacles can be anticipated for students to problem solve and achieve independence. Executive Function challenges are more prevalent than ever. This seminar explores the forethought aspects of executive function skills and will provide you with a multitude of practical executive function interventions to observe immediate improvement in transitions, task completion and time management.


May 13th – 12:00PM-1:00PM CST

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/2p6eub5h