Dr. Paula Kluth-Autism and Covid

Dr. Paula Kluth (National Speaker, Consultant, Author, Advocate) presenting two 2-hour webinars.  Each webinar airs live at the date and time listed below.  


These webinars will only air LIVE; they will NOT be recorded.  


In order to receive a certificate of professional credit, you must attend the LIVE webinar.  You must be logged in through your device to view the slide show presentation through the 'Join Webinar' link sent in the GoToWebinar invitation received following registration.  You cannot miss more than 15 minutes of the webinar if you wish to receive credit.  

Autism & COVID: 5 Ideas for Supporting Students on the Spectrum

By Dr. Paula Kluth, National Speaker, Consultant, Author, Advocate


Whether they are at school or at home, learners on the autism spectrum may require some special consideration at this time. This session will center on specific tools that can be used to support students with communication differences, sensory needs, and unique learning profiles (e.g. students with special interests/fascinations). If you are new to supporting students with autism or just want ideas for a new situation, this session is for you.


March 17th - 3:30PM-5:30PM CST

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/yydomxx8

Spots for these sessions are limited.  If you register and are unable to attend, please contact infinitecwebinars@ucpnet.org to cancel your registration.