Let's Start the Great Google Tour

In order to receive a certificate of professional credit, you must attend the LIVE webinar.  You must be logged in through your device to view the slide show presentation through the 'Join Webinar' link sent in the GoToWebinar invitation received following registration.  You cannot miss more than 15 minutes of the webinar if you wish to receive credit.  We do not provide professional credit for watching the recording that is emailed to you following the live webinar

The Great Google Tour to Support ALL Learners Series

By Dyane Smokorowski, Coordinator of Digital Literacy for Wichita Public Schools


Let's Start the Great Google Tour

Ready to find the fast forwards in Internet search for both you and your students? Let's kick off the tour with the best tips and tricks that will take your search skills to new levels. In this session we'll explore the quickest ways to navigate Google Search and Google images while retrieving accurate and kid friendly websites. Be ready to learn while doing as this is a hands-on exploration.


January 13th - 3:30PM-4:30PM CST

Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/y9wmewya