Early Choices - #IllinoisIncludes

Early CHOICES has ramped up our social media efforts thanks to PDG B-5 funds to expand our reach from birth to 5 across systems. During COVID-19 we have been pondering how we will come back together after social distancing.  We want to make sure we come together inclusively and not leave out children with disabilities.  We are looking at this as a positive chance to bring everyone together in all settings since everyone will be starting fresh. 


 We invite you to join us as we move forward.  We have launched a social media campaign #IllinoisIncludes to support inclusion and particularly to use the opportunity we have now to throw out the old way of thinking and come back together more inclusive than ever. If your organization can participate or share our informational posts about the campaign to spread the word about #IllinoisIncludes we'd love it.


Here is what we are asking people to do:

Record a brief video using any of the prompts below.  We are using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

If you post on your account, we will retweet/share if you tag us @EarlyCHOICESOrg and use #IllinoisIncludes or we can post it for folks if they don't want on their personal account


Once you are done please send the video to us so we can make a montage video of all the Illinois faces and reasons we'd appreciate it- inclusion@eclre.org


1.     Film on phone or ipad camera

2.     Use one of the following sentence starters for your video:

My name is ________ (first name only is just fine)

a.      I believe in inclusion because ____________ (state your “why,”: e.g. “because it is the right of every infant and child,” or “because we all belong.”)

b.     I support inclusion because of  _________ (a person's name and include clip or picture of them - if you have permission, first name only is fine)

c.     #Illinoisincludes because __________________

Videos can be as short as saying one or several of the above in individual clips.


Thanks so much for considering!


Ann Kremer

Project Director