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Title: They Said We Couldn't
Media Type: Book
Category: Life With a Disability
Author: Cesal, Lisa
Publisher: Trinity Christian College
Most Recent Copyright Date: December 8, 2015
Status: AvailableDue back on 05/23/2023

Complete Description

“They Said We Couldn’t” is yet another testimony to the perseverance and communication skills of Lisa Cesal and Chris Lenart. In this quest to educate readers about their challenges and victories while living with and getting through the obstacles they’ve had to face living with Cerebral Palsy. Each of these writers has chosen not to wallow in self-pity, rather Lisa and Chris consistently look for ways to contribute to the good of all of those with whom they come into contact.  In sharing their real life expierences Lisa and Chris wanr to let others know that wheelchairs do not block access to accomplishments!