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Title: The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet
Media Type: Book
Category: Child Development
Author: Agin, M.D, Marilyn
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Most Recent Copyright Date: 2003
Status: Available

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Most parents of late talkers continue to experience remarkable difficulty in obtaining correct information, advice, and a sense of shared concern and urgency about their child's speech and language development from pediatricians and other professionals. They are, more often than not, told to "wait and see", and are misled to believe that most late talkers will eventually "catch up", often resulting in many months or years of lost time during the most critical periods for language development.

In the Late Talker, Dr. Marilyn C. Agin, a developmental pediatrician, and Lisa F. Geng, the mother of two late talkers, have created a comprehensive handbook for parents concerned about their child's speech or language development. The Late Talker is an empowering call to action to parents to trust their own instincts and intuitions (which generally have proven to be correct) about the status of their child's speech and language development. The book provides the detailed knowledge and practical advice needed to reconize a late talker, as well as information on how to seek, evaluate, and obtain the early interventions that will afford a child the most positive developmental outcomes.