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Title: A Pair of Sparkly Sneakers
Media Type: Book
Category: Homeschooling
Author: Olson, Nicole
Publisher: Nicole Olson
Most Recent Copyright Date: 2012
Status: Available

Complete Description

"Riddled with the insecurities of new motherhood, Nicole believes far more deeply in the advice of authorities than in her own instincts. Expert opinion dictates her every move. But as her son's world begins to fall apart, that unswerving allegiance ultimately leaves her with more questions than answers. With each new expert and expertly designed program - her little boy seems to be slipping further away. Near the breaking point and verging on desperate, can Nicole finally find the courage to listen to the two voices that have mattered most all along?

Poignant, honest, and heart-breakingly humorous, A Pair of Sparkly Sneakers calls into question the widespread cultural practices that methodically disconnect parents from their children, and explores the dangers of abandoning our own inner wisdom in favor of child experts and authorities.