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Title: Hanging In- Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most
Media Type: Book
Category: Education
Author: Benson, Jeffrey
Publisher: ASCD
Most Recent Copyright Date: 2014
Status: Available

Complete Description

  • Many students arrive at school with unique mixtures of family histories, traumatic experiences, and special needs that test our skills and try our patience. In this book the author shows educators the value of tenacity and building connections in teaching the students who most need our help. This essential guide includes 
    • Detailed portraits based on real-life students whose serious challenges inhibited their classroom experience- and who eventually achived success.
    • Strategies for analyzing students' challenges and developing individualized plans to help them discover a sense of comfort with learning- with in - depth examples of plans in actions.
    • Recommendations for teachers and support teams on how to gain skills and support and not lose hope through the ups and downs of the work.
    • Specific advice for administrators on constructing systems and procedures that give all our students the best chance for success.

Just as teaching the students who challenge us is among our most frustrating experiences as educators, sticking with students until they finally "get it" is among our most rewarding. In "Hanging In", you'll find the inspiration and field-tested ideas necessary to create a patient and supportive environment for even the most demanding cases in the classroom.