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Title: Asperger Experts Take it from us, We've lived it! Presents Fundamentals For Thriving
Media Type: DVD
Category: Autism
Author: Raede, Danny
Publisher: Asperger Experts LLC
Most Recent Copyright Date: 2013
Status: AvailableDue back on 06/17/2019

Complete Description

How do you truly get someone with Asperger's to thrive and flourish in the world? That is the focus of this DVD, created by Danny & Hayden, both diagnosed with Asperger's themselves. In this collection of their best content, you'll learn specific strategies for working with people with Asperger's, with a focus on getting them to thrive.

  • You'll learn things like:
  • How to communicate to someone with Asperger's, in a way that gets through to them at the deepest level, and establishes better connection.
  • What the different "thinking types" are, and how to identify them.
  • Why people with Asperger's do what they do, and how to use "Behavior Balancing" to address any so called 'bad' behavior.

And more!

This DVD is designed to kickstart you understanding of the Asperger's mind, and allow you to quickly gain a new, extremely valuable skill set that you can go out and use immediately, for quick results. Happy Thriving!