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Title: For Children Birth To Age Three: Illinois Early Learning Guidelines
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"Dear Reader:

It is with great pleasure that we present you with the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines for children from birth to three years of age. These Guidelines are the product of two years of intensive labor by many individuals and organizations. We have all focused on building comprehensive developmental learning standards for our youngest learner that form the foundation for all learning and development that is to follow. The myriad stakeholders involved in this project were driven by the following intentions for the use of the Guidelines:

     We hope the Guidelines speak to you, putting into words the development you see occurring each day with children from birth to three.
     We hope the Guidelines support you in understanding and discussing child development.
      We hope the Guidelines make you better equipped to plan for intentional interactions with children from birth to three.
      We hope the Guidelines strengthen your commitment to responsive, developmentally appropriate practice with young children.
      We hope the Guidelines enhance your belief system around the individual nature of the developmental trajectory and the crucial role that family and context play in each child's development.

We have had the honor of guiding a process to develop Early Learning Guidlines for birth to three that embody an approach that is responsive to our state early childhood infrastructure's work and current needs in this area. In this project guidance and management role embedded within the Illinois Early Learning Council, we were able to draw out the best of our colleagues and stakeholders in the areas of knowledge, practice, and cross-system strategizing." Jeanna M. Capito & Karen Yarbrough