Shut-Down Learners, Dyslexia & Other School Struggles: Understanding the Formula

Shut-Down Learners, Dyslexia & Other School Struggles: Understanding the Formula

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Parents will often hear things about their child who is not doing well with school such as, “he’s just not trying hard enough,” or “she’s unmotivated,” followed by the often heard message of “we’re not doctors and can’t diagnose, but maybe you should see one about medication.”
Coining the term “shut-down learners,” after interacting with and assessing a few thousand children, Dr. Richard Selznick, felt there were other perspectives not being understood with these children. This perspective is described in his first book, “The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child.”
Join Dr. Selznick in this webinar where he describes the formal that helps explain how children become shut-down learners and what parents and educators can do to address the challenges these children face.

About Our Presenter: Dr. Selznick

Dr. Richard Selznick is a psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist assistant professor of pediatrics and a Wilson-certified reading instructor. He is the Director of the Cooper Lerning Center, a Division of the Department of Pediatics/Cooper University Healthcare. Dr. Selznick’s latest book, “What To Do About Dyslexia: 25 Essential Concepts for Parents,” was recently published. Along with The Shut-Down Learner, his other books are “School Struggles” and “Dyslexia Screening.” To learn more about Dr. Selznick and to read his blog posts and other material, go to

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