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Title: Skilled Dialogue
Media Type: Book
Category: Communication
Author: Barrera, Ph.D., Isaura
Publisher: Balboa Press
Most Recent Copyright Date: 2017
Status: Available

Complete Description

Ever needed to communicate or even collaborate with someone who just didn't agree with you or see things as you did? Think there's only two options: their way to your way? Barrera and Kramer propose a third options inclusive of both ways. They present an approach that goes beyond "both-and" to arrive at a third options: Skilled Dialogue, a field-tested series of strategies that can transofrm contradictory interactions into complementary ones. 

Readers will learn how to

  • build mutually complementary relationships that honor difference
  • access and mine the strengths of differences
  • explore multiple ways of creating mutually satisfying options without the need for compromise
  • applyt the six Skilled Dialogue strategies in ways that generate respect (i.e., honor identity), reciprocity (i.e., honor voice) and responsiveness (i.e., honor connection)

Case examples and sampe scenarios allow readers to practice what they've learned and provide them with models for their own interactions. An invaluable resource for all who interact across differences, whether professionally or personally, this book will help readers to resolve interactional challenges in ways that allow differences to enhance outcomes rather than detract from them.