Inclusive Educational Supports

Webinar: The Art of Advocacy Without Being Voted off the Island - Learn collaborative problem solving strategies to reduce family-school conflict in special education. They will work through how to resolve different views of a child's needs, issues related to resource constraints, power struggles, lack of trust, and more.

Webinar: The 'Why' Behind Inclusive Education - Learn strategies for including all classroom learners, the importance of valuing unique needs, what the law says about least restrictive settings, and how inclusive education is a precursor for an inclusive life.

Webinar: Do You Think the General Education Curriculum Isn't for ALL Students? - In this FREE webinar you will explore the laws that support general education placement, supports and services, partial participation, identification of individual student IEP goals, and how placement in general education supports a lifetime of acceptance and purpose as students move into adulthood.

Webinar: Discovering the Learning Styles of Children Who Struggle -  Is your child a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? What motivates your child? Do you know how to use these discoveries to lead to more appropriate, individualized educational accommodations? In this FREE webinar you will learn the answers to these questions and more.