Reading and Math Skills

Webinar: Everyday Math: Being Your Child's Math Coach - In this FREE webinar you will learn information on basic math skills vital for children to build on, fun activities to do with your child to enhance math skills, and ideas on how to overcome your own math phobias.

Webinar: Being Your Child's Reading Coach- In this webinar, you will learn the elements of literacy and how to help your children develop their reading skills with fun, easy games and activities.

Webinar: Emily Illand presents: Drawing A Blank - In this webinar you will learn how features of autism affect comprehension and identify over 30 underdeveloped reading skills. You will also learn to use evidence-based and promising strategies to help readers on the spectrum and others who struggle to understand.

Webinar: Math Help for Your Child - In this webinar you will learn: 

  • understand the influence of the common core state standards on math instruction and specific high-impact strategies that will facilitate student learning
  • specific tips to impact strategies that will facilitate student learning
  • specific strategies/tips to not only partner with your child's teacher but to help your child develop knowledge and skills essential for academic success